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Weight Loss

" I initially heard about hypnotherapy years ago from a friend who told me it helped her stop smoking, I always wanted to try it for myself. I have never smoked but I have had issues losing weight and I thought hypnotherapy might help. For the last 2 years I have become active and changed my life for the better physically by walking, yoga, kickboxing; just making the decision to move. However, I just couldn't seem to push myself to the next level of my weight loss journey. I had serious issues with eating sweets specifically, chocolate. I would normally have at LEAST one piece of chocolate a day but normally it was more like a granola bar in the morning, a giant chocolate chip cooking at lunch and probably a Little Debbie or piece of Publix cake after dinner. This is completely true and quite embarrassing. I had been working out 2-4 days per week but I would sabotage myself with the chocolate and sweets. I went for my first hypnotherapy session 39 days ago today. And I have been chocolate free since that day. This is not a joke; I still can't believe it myself. Today I can do something I have never done before and that is: I walk past a piece of chocolate without wanting it. It is literally amazing. The power of retraining the subconscious is insurmountable. It can't be beat. Because of these hypnotherapy sessions I have lost 17 lbs. in 39 days, that’s about 3.4 lbs a WEEK. I am sold and I am loving these powerful results. Thank You Valerie!

Twila Parker- Atlanta, GA                                                        *Actual results may vary


I have been trying to lose weight for years and have been consistently stuck at the same weight.  I thought I would give Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy a chance to help with whatever was holding me back from dropping the pounds.  I was so surprised that not only that I could be hypnotized but how well the suggestions worked.  I lost over 10 pounds and finally feel in control.  I finally feel it is possible to reach my goal!
Kim MacMunn - Sugar Hill, GA                                             *Actual results may vary

Weight management was not a problem for me until I reached the middle fifties.
I could not longer eat the sweets that I love and it became a problem in that I did not have the discipline to change my way of eating. I tried numerous diets and lost weight; however, after losing the weight I returned to the same pattern. I researched other methods for losing weight and discovered that hypnotherapy can be used for weight management. I scheduled a hypnotherapy session with Ms. Valerie Cobbin. From this session I learned that weight loss begins in the mind and that hypnotherapy programs the subconscious mind with a blueprint for a thinner person. The process re-educates the subconscious mind. In addition, the session gave me the motivation I needed to avoid foods that cause weight gain and to make more appropriate food choices.
The hypnotherapy session with Ms. Cobbin was a wonderful experience and I am extremely pleased that I lost weight. I continue to make appropriate food choices for
weight management. The session was successful and I know that I will use hypnotherapy for other purposes (stress management, relaxation,
self-improvement etc).

Dr. Alberta Kohler - Seattle, WA                                                *Actual results may very

Career Development


Dear Valerie, A friend told me about your hypnotherapy work. At first, I was skeptical because hypnotherapy was new to me. However, I decided to give it a try. My goal was to improve my productivity and results for my business. After our first session, I immediately felt great and more relaxed. The work that we did really helped improve my attitude and results in the areas of my business that I tend to get bored with. I became more focused and motivated. I began to enjoy the entire process of my work much more. I am now getting more of the results I want. Thank you Valerie.


Jeff - Mabelton, GA                                                                    *Actual results may vary


Love & Relationships


As a busy professional, I soon realized that I had an imbalance in my life and was lacking a relationship with that special someone. The fear of commitment had crippled previous relationships and I knew that if I wanted a life partner I had to figure out a way to break the cycle. As an analytic person I went through a stage of self help books and tapes, you name it – but nothing worked. Discovering past life regression has made a huge difference in my life- and with just one hypnotherapy session with Valerie my past lives showed me why I was in such a pattern of self destruction. Now I am able to subconsciously release relationship negative energy and work through these patterns instead of just running away.

Charita - Atlanta, GA                                                                  *Actual results may vary


Emotional Well Being

Hey Valerie!

…… Its like I am a different person, in a good way though. Its weird, I never really have any more negative thoughts in my head.I guess I just feel very strong! Thank you so much for your help, you are definitely amazing. :)

Asia Parker - Atlanta, GA                                                        Actual results may vary